Thursday, March 08, 2007

I wanted to share with you one amazing gift I recently received from the Law of Attraction.

Recently, I uploaded my newest website, and have been adding content, tweaking the pages, and so on over the past two weeks. The site had only been online for a short time when I received a call from a gentleman who had found this site and wanted more information about using the Law of Attraction. I was really excited. Not that he wanted more information, but that he had found this site, my newest website.

I decided to do a little research on my own and when I searched in YAHOO for "law of attraction practitioner", my site was an astounding number 9! On MSN, was number 4!

This was wonderful. As a designer, I know that a site can take weeks to become indexed by the search engines (unless you choose to pay some hard earned money to move that along).

It was the Law of Attraction that placed my site at number 9 on YAHOO and number 4 on MSN.

I have been practicing the Law of Attraction for quite some time and it continues to delight me by delivering me far more than I request - every time.

Let me know some results you have achieved through using the Law of Attraction. And, if you are not getting the desires you have been waiting for, perhaps you may need to consult a Law of Attraction Practitioner for help in discovering as well as resolving whatever may be blocking you.

Good luck and great attracting :-)


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