Friday, August 22, 2008

We know that with the law of attraction, whatever we give our attention, energy or focus to, we will attract into our life, whether it is wanted or unwanted. So it is important to pay attention to how we are feeling and what emotions we are experiencing.

Keeping our emotional frequency up is not always easy but every now and then along comes a great little tip that makes things go a bit more smoothly.

Recently I learned a new technique to help raise your emotional level that works remarkably well and thought I would pass it along to you through my blog.

Whenever you find yourself upset, think of the emotion you are feeling and then take that emotion apart, letter by letter and create a word for each letter. After doing so, try and use all the word in a positive affirmative statement, such as a desire statement.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Let's say you had a disagreement with someone and you are feeling angry. Angry would be the word you would work with to lessen the emotion and move yourself up the emotional scale away from anger and into a higher, more positive emotional level.

Starting with the letter A, you would think of a word that would be motivating, uplifting or encouraging to you. One example might be Artistic.

The next letter is N. So, you might elect Nature for your word.

Now you would turn you attention on G. Perhaps you would select the world Gratitude.

Next in line would be the letter R. Receptive may come to mind.

Finally, the letter Y. For this letter, you may come up with the word Young.

Now comes the fun part. Creating a statement that is inspiring, uplifting, or even an affirmation from the words that came to mind when you broke apart the emotion, angry.

One I came up with was this: Walking in nature and viewing all the beautiful young plants relaxes me, allowing me to become more receptive, to feel renewed, and filling me with gratitude to God for such a beautiful environment to enjoy.

Do you see a difference in the way you feel when you read that statement?

Next time you have a negative emotion getting you down, try this technique and raise yourself back up several rungs on that emotional ladder.

Happy Attracting!

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