Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Celebrate the little successes in your day!

We all like to celebrate. It is a wonderful feeling to celebrate, especially when you have achieved a goal or some great success. Wouldn't it be nice to have that feeling more often? Well, you can.

Once thing I advise my clients is to stop and celebrate the little success in their day, every day. For example, someone calls your company but does not order anything or request any services. They just ask for information. Instead of blowing off the call, celebrate it. Another person knows about you, your company and services. They are familiar with your operation. They called you up. It doesn't matter that they did not order. Celebrate the fact that they know about you. Appreciate this and let it be one of your mini successes for the day. I promise you, if you begin to celebrate all the little success if each day, you will find yourself much more energized each day. Give it a try and see. If you have some tips of your own for raising your vibrations, email them to me and I will be happy to pass them along.

Wishing you th!e best of success!


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