Saturday, December 27, 2008

So many people come to me asking for law of attraction coaching. Many have been mislead about what this law is and how it works. They have bought product after product. A lot of them have attended schools, read books, purchased courses, DVD's only to be confused. Some are able to manifest on a hit or mis basis - some not at all.

It angered me that so many people were spending hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, buying product after product, only to have to keep purchasing that next one in the stream of "promises" to allow them to finally use this law to have all they want! Either these authors, coaches, instructors just didn't get it or they did but didn't know how to relay it to their clients/customers in a simple, easy to understand package. That is why I finally decided to develop this series.

I have created an entire new Law of Attraction Series titled "The Lie Behind The Secret: Truth To Manifesting Using Law of Attraction. It is a 3 teleclass series which takes you step by step through the actual, factual process of using law of attraction and manifestation.

The total price for the three 90 minute classes is only $197. Paying for coaching sessions alone that would run $675 which is a savings of $478.
I decided to create this course to finally set the record straight and let people know once and for all exactly what the law of attraction is and how it works. I know I could charge a lot more but I don't want to. I just want people to finally be able to affordably learn the truth about the law of attraction and the key to manifestation.

There is no need to be frustrated, filled with self-doubt. You are not unworthy. You have simply been taught incorrectly about how manifestation works. Once you know the truth, separate the fiction from the facts, you will be able to manifest those things that you truly desire using law of attraction in the manner inwhich it was designed to be used.

The first law of attraction teleclass is January 12 -14 from 7:00 - 8:30 PM ET.

The second law of attraction teleclass is scheduled for February 9 - 11 from 7:00 - 8:30 PM ET.

If you truly want to understand and use the law of attraction and manifest using the actual true key element, then this is the only course that will give you all the information, all the facts, step by step, without you ever having to buy a single additional product in order to understand or use the law of attraction to it's fullest capacity.

Visit my website, to learn more about this course and other courses, workshops & events coming up in 2009.


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