Monday, October 20, 2008

WOW! What an amazing summer!

Recently, I was spiritually led to a new energy modality known as Quantum Touch. When I searched the internet to determine what in the world Quantum Touch was, I was led to There, it was as though my eyes had been literally opened as well as my entire spirit. The information about this easy to learn healing energy had me totally captivated. It resonated with me totally and felt like a part of me had been found.

A deep hunger welled up from within me. I knew I was to study this healing energy and learn how best to use it in helpoing others to heal. The first step was to buy the Basic and Supercharging books on Quantum Touch and apply the techniques to myself.

The results I began to receive were quite remarkable. Seeing my own health improve, I decided to take the next step and enroll in a Basic Live Quantum Touch Workshop.

I was so blown away with all I learned with the Basic Workshop that the logical step for me then was to take an advanced workshop, which I did the following weekend.

Taking the Supercharging Quantum Touch Workshop really allowed me to pen up to the energy and enabled me to run energy in a variety of ways - each to benefit someone depending upon their personal needs.

So, for now, I am in the process of be coming a certified Quantum Touch practitioner. For now, offering Healing Circles will be the next step in addition to helping those who have already come to me to receive this beautiful healing energy.

check it out for yourself. Everyone is capable of doing Quantum Touch. Imagine what a beautiful world this would be if all of us were fully capable and able to assist another in healing! Visit and learn about this wonderful energy modality.
Are you ready to transform the quality of your life?